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AquaScapes Pond Service List

Spring Pond Cleaning
                Get clear results! We sump your pond, remove that sludge, gently wash your pond liner, & refill it with clean, fresh water. Fish are then temperature acclimated and returned to a pure environment.
Price: $175 for up to 4 man hours, $40/hour thereafter plus supplies

Stale or Tea Colored Water Elimination
                You don’t need to read the tea leaves to know you have a problem brewing. Stagnant and unclean waters culture infectious bacteria & mosquitoes. We Instantly eliminate high DOC’s, low pH, and pathogenic bacteria with guaranteed-effective  Four-Prong Attack! Crystal-Clear results!
Price: $45 per hour (2 hour average) plus $10 per 1000 gallons

Fin Rot, Ulcers, Swim Bladder Disease & Bacterial Infections
                These diseases are VERY resilient so save yourself the headache & time and call an exclusive fish expert! Our superior treatment typically includes the four-prong attack plus salt and Melafix to aid wound healing.
Price: $45/hour (2 hour average) plus $20 per 1000 gallons

Other Common Services ($45 per hour):
Routine Maintenance- clean & repair filters, drains, liners, and pumps. perform water changes.
Algae & Green Water Elimination- We’ll give you far superior results with the unrivaled Algaway 5.4, followed by a flocculent, and barley extract- its almost magical.
Biopsies, Fish Removal, & Topical Wound Treatments- We are the only company that minimizes stress and bleeding by using two nets to catch your fish (and a koi sock) to remove them from the water.
Water Lily Repotting & Plant Care- We guarantee your lilies bloom or your money back.

* minimum labor charge $60.00 per visit


A quick review on keeping your reef simple and easy

  1. Water Quality- Peter Waddington said it best: keeping koi is really keeping water. Naturally the same holds absolutely true if you are raising any type of fish or corals! It is paramount that we keep ammonia at zero, nitrites at zero, and nitrates & phosphate in the single digits (ppm) and the best way to do that is to perform our monthly water changes. Other things that help water quality:
    • Live Rock- base rock and concrete reef sculptures are inferior, at best. You must seed your aquarium with high quality pieces directly from the ocean. A simple visual comparison of my rock will show you that I have the highest quality live rock in Wichita for lower prices.
    • Live Sand- it's not live unless you see tunnels and medusa worm tentacles
    • Quality Seawater & Top-off Water
  2. Intensity and Color of Lighting- Corals thrive under deep blue light with a wavelength between 420 and 460 nm (nanometers). The more of this lighting, the more your aquarium will thrive. It is also important to dedicate 50% or less of your lighting to white light in the range of 6700-14000k (kelvins).
  3. Selection & Placement of Corals- remember these basics for each type of coral
    • Mushroom polyps- hardiest, they need low water flow and prefer low to moderate light
    • Zoanthids & Palythoas- very hardy, they prefer medium water flow and high light
    • Branching LPS Corals- very hardy, they prefer low water flow and moderately high light
    • Leather Corals- hardy, preferring medium or low water flow and high light
    • Xenias- hardy, prefer medium-low or intermittent water flow, moderately high light, and nutrient-rich water
  4. Water Movement & Circulation- once you have proper lighting you will want to upgrade your water movement with a circulation pump. The extra circulation is very important for many corals.
  5. Coral Feedings- To make your corals thrive and reproduce, feed them!
    • Leathers, Xenias, Gorgonians, Green Star Polyps, and most LPS corals are filter feeders and prefer plankton mixtures.
    • Mushrooms, Ricordeas, Zoanthids, Sand Polyps, Palythoas, and some LPS such as Sun Polyps and Pagoda Cups prefer this mixture:ients. 
      • Two tablespoons SeaChem Reef Plus
      • One tablespoon Spiralina flake food
      • One tablespoon Spiralina Powder
      • Two tablespoons frozen Mysid shrimp